Repairing the Elevator


Reluctantly he handed her the repair note. His wife’s jewel-studded manicured nails scratched across his fingers as she snatched the crumpled paper. “Just what were you thinking? You knew how difficult it was to get the elevator service technician to … Continue reading

Let it Go…


John stepped onto the wooden plank followed by his wife. Holding her hand, they walked towards the canopied pavilion as John’s cigarette smoke trailed behind. What urgent news had Miranda received that she would not say over the phone? Listening … Continue reading

Carpe Diem Haiku Pilgrimage: Winter Emptiness

winter banquet

icy beads pelt down as slippery paths glisten …winter emptiness ::: ::: :::  Inspiration: Chevrefeuille’s Carpe Diem Haiku Kai - Meiseki-ji (temple 43) and here, in my hometown, another healthy winter mix of sleet and snow for the next couple of days. Cheers! —————————–

Uncovering the Truth

friday fictioneer, flash fiction, writing

The tractor rumbles past the security checkpoint. Since January, the unknown occupants, residing in the sprawling white mansion, have spun a sticky web over the once quiet town. Tom Nash, the popular morning radio personality, hammers non-stop encouraging speculative gossipers … Continue reading

Ahh, No…

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Your twice-divorced co-worker, mid forties, former model, – Three children with first hubby, – Two rescue dogs with number two… “Sure, try something new,” I answer. “You’re right, “she said, “My new boyfriend, he’s twenty-five.” That wasn’t what I meant. … Continue reading