grow THROUGH life


Don’t go through life,

                      grow through life.

                                   ~Eric Butterworth

~Believe the obstacles you face are textbook lessons, waiting to be uncovered, gone THROUGH, and then, mastered!

Life sometimes feels like a journey through a long tunnel. If it’s a dark tunnel with unknown obstacles, the mind can play up all sorts of demons to frighten the bejeebers out of you!

Demons in our thoughts that begin to work as early as you start your day. I’m a nothing, with no talent for anything, too ugly, too fat, too skinny, too old, too tall, too short, too dark, too light, too poor, too stupid,  too shy, too  ________(fill in your own demon!)

Whenever you find yourself wrestling with insecurities throughout your day, remember, there is a light at the end of this long  journey. Perhaps if we take every demon that tries to cripple us, and work on the things we can change and accept the ones we cannot, then, we may find ourselves growing and igniting a little light to guide us as we journey through the darker moments of our lives.

In the darkness of my tunnel, I remember these simple words and replay it as many times until the glimmer of light shines through:

I can do all this through Him who gives me strength. ~Philippians 4:13

  Where do you find the strength to grow through life?

~May you spread a love-filled, growing-through-life week with your friends and loved ones!

Yours through this journey,

Sunshine xoxo

Inspiration: Weekly Photo Challenge: Through.

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49 thoughts on “grow THROUGH life

    • You are very kind Francine and thank you so much for the blessing/award. I’ll be right over, that is, if my internet server cooperates. It’s been acting up lately (again!)
      with love, sunshine

  1. The whole message is great in your post, but I think the introduction statement sums it up nicely. Great job, Sunshine! Once again, you’re living up to your name!

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  4. Great photo, and inspiring words. My past experience gives me strength, because I know that all that has passed before has brought me to this place, and even the painful moments had their place in my life. Life has whispered so many secrets to me, and yet I know there are many more to discover.

    • Definitely strength is gained through challenging experiences Judee. Sometimes we want to wish the pain away but reflecting back one hopefully sees the growth in character one obtains as we work through the obstacle. I love your openness to more discoveries Judee. I appreciate your conversation and abundant love and blessings to you.

    • As one goes through a tunnel one always hope for something wonderful waiting on the other side! Thank you Cobbies for your visit and sharing. :)

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  6. beautiful post sunshine.
    the picture is also great :)

    there sure is light at the end of the tunnel and any journey :)
    we just have to keep going …

  7. I say Yes to this. I can do all things through Him, with the empowering of His Holy Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, and life.
    Thanks for the Pingback to my blog. I appreciate it.

    • Hello Franny! His strength is all one needs and yes, I follow you through on the day by day, minute by minute path! Thanks for bringing Him thanksgiving. :)

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    • Hey Cassie! Your entry for light was wonderful too and I really like your ending quote to go with your images:
      “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” ~Anthony J. D’Angelo
      I appreciate your visit and conversation! ~Abundant blessings to you

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