Just a Simple Warning: Don’t Get Close to this Bored Cockatoo Bird!


I will SCREECH my LUNGS out and make YOU go DEAF!!

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Don’t make me SCREECH, JUST DON’T!

TOO is a cockatoo bird that resided with me when its owner took a three-month business trip. According to Wikipedia, the cockatoo birds are:

  • Highly intelligent with a loud and harsh sounding screeches that allow each bird to recognize one another, warn about dangerous predators and keep a flock united.
  • Highly affectionate and if kept in captivity, can demand much attention!
  • Intensely curious and must have constant supply of objects to play with, chew on or simply to dismantle or shred to pieces with their strong claws and beak.
  • Many captive birds suffer from boredom and to grab your attention they will produce ear-piercing screeches and/or afflict you with painful bites with their beaks.

Every fact listed above is true. I know. I think my hearing has deteriorated plenty since TOO left to go back home and I think I still see some battle scars he kindly left behind as a memory souvenir.

Now, I ask you, do you still want to come close to this bored cockatoo?

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49 thoughts on “Just a Simple Warning: Don’t Get Close to this Bored Cockatoo Bird!

  1. I think I’d prefer something quieter, Sunshine–my hearing’s goin’ as it is! Have a great weekend–God bless you! love, sis Caddo

      • I’ve done everything that’s been suggested, and cannot get help from WP; nothing’s come yet from Cee’s idea (Akismet). Feeling pretty discouraged, which is SO un-Caddo…

      • Okay Caddo, calm now…this one was in spam but let me ask you: Did you use the WP Forum and post a question about your problem? The forum usually answers pretty quick. Did you clear your browser?

      • The Forum tells me the “topic is closed”.

        What do you mean, “clear my browser”? Seriously, I’m asking you to spell it out in block letters like I’m 5 years old. Thank you for your help, dear heart.

      • I’m no expert myself but whatever browser you are using to open your internet, it has a tool bar icon somewhere when you open your browser, you click on it and it will drop down a list of items. For instance, google chrome is a browser and when you open it to access the internet, on the top right hand corner is a little wrench tool bar thing. You click it and a list drops down. You find ‘setting’ and click it, then advanced settings, then clear browsing data and pick the items to be cleared then click to clear.
        The comment thing may not have anything to do with the browser.
        About the forum…did you find anyone else who had posted on the problem and it got resolved? Did you post your question once or many times?

        Your comment, btw, was in spam.

        This is a list of different browsers and when I was having glitches, forum recommended a browser upgrade so maybe you are running on an old browser?

  2. See if this comment “takes”–I’m not much for loud birds, or loud anything (except genuine laughter!). God bless you, Sunshine–love, sis Caddo

    • Sis, are you having secret meetings with spammers? hehe, just kidding…this was in with the spammers so I hope at least you got fed or they gave you some refreshing ice tea before you left.
      Actually, as far as the bird, I did feel sorry for him because truly, he really was cute and I was wishing the whole time he was here that I could put him back in his natural environment, the forest, but he’s just a ‘jail’ bird. *sigh*
      See ya and have a good one! :)

    • Trust me, jfb57, you want to stay very far from this bird when it starts to screech…for such a little thing, it has some powerful lungs or however it makes its deadly sound! Hey, thanks for visiting and have a great weekend. :)

  3. lol, Sunshine. He’s really mean! Okay, it’s not an excuse, and I definitely won’t step any nearer, but I think he’s missing his person and knows you’re scared, so it’s easy to walk all over you :)

    • Yeah, you are probably right Angelswhisper…I did get frustrated with him on many occasions and he always won every battle. I mean who can compete with deafening screeches, clingy claws and a deadly beak!
      Have a good one…:)

    • Broken beak because his favorite past time is destroying everything he comes into contact with and/or biting the heck out of you! I’m glad you listening to the warning Elizabeth. :) and thanks for the encouraging words.

      • It’s all good Sunshine and thank you for your friendship and for staying with me. I finally had to turn off notifications after 5000+ emails showed up. I am taking advice I should have taken long ago. Some people feel ignored but I was just fighting to manage a busy household, legal matters, and keep up with reading blogs… I am only human and realize I can’t do it all. So thank you for sticking around and I guess goodbye to those who moved on. … Just saying. Maybe I need your birdy friend. :lol:

      • Oh dear…5000+ email is way too much for any person to handle and no, you do NOT wish to have the bird. It would only cause your already busy life to become focused on one thing–the screeching and biting bird!!
        I’m glad you’re taking time to breathe and relax between your posts…I really thought you had a robot or an assistant, seriously.
        Now, have a peaceful Sunday. :)

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  6. Sympathy extended. We cared for a neighbor’s bird….screeches and bites! (And worse her kid got it, moved out and left the bird!…she needs that vacation)
    The only time I’ve seen these birds happy in cages was a shop here that sold tropical type clothes and imported art/ stuff…they had a large 2 story aviary outside with palm trees and water fall you could view through a window. They were loud, but had nice healthy smooth feathers and able to fly a bit. But birds just look mad in small cages.

    • I really agree with you Philo Mouse on big birds like this one kept in captivity is a bit cruel. Unless the owner has no life what so ever and is willing to spend over 24hours with it, the birds should stay in the wild or at least in a large aviary as you described. They are cute but I’m sure, like anything forced to live in a cage it has to play mental havoc big time.
      I appreciate your thoughts and the visit. Thank you :)

  7. My sister’s mother in law has one of those screechy birds! I’m not real fond of anything screechy so no… I think I will pass! LOL

    • You are s-m-a-r-t!! I vote these wild birds should be kept in their natural environment or at least a very large aviary that gives the birds an illusion of freedom. Poor things.
      Thanks for sharing, Pegbur :)

  8. I really loved this one, up close and personal…yes looks as if he might bit my head off…LOL

    • Hi Jackie,
      Yes, this little bird may look cute but if it feels neglected…watch out and cover your ears!!!
      Wishing you a great week :) and thanks for sharing. ;)

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    • Hey Jo,
      Yeah, he’s a tiny thing and tries to make you think he’s a cutie but he really has issues–serious ones. I don’t know how the owner puts up with all the troubles this bird puts out.
      I appreciate your visit and thanks for sharing. May you have a wonderful new week. :)

    • Oh, no but I believe you when you say the Cockatoo can give some bad memories. You wouldn’t think so when you first see them. Thanks a lot for sharing…:)

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  12. Hello there,

    When I was a little girl, my mother had a parrot; his name was Jeronmio. And because I had no pets to call my own I was willing to lavish all of my love and affection on this parrot. The only problem was, he didn’t want it. Much like Too, he just wanted to squawk at me and drop large amounts of gooey white and green stuff on the bottom of his cage. Thus, I have never been much of a bird person. He is a pretty bird, however. ;-)

    ~ Cara

    • Hi Cara,
      I imagine your mother’s bird, Jeronmio, probably wanted what most birds want: FREEDOM!

      Maybe like you say, we have to be ‘bird’ people to appreciate and know how to communicate with them…I’m with you, it’s for the birds!
      I only like to see them flying freely outdoors.

      ~thank you for sharing your time and thoughts here~

    • Umm, thoughtful yes, but Zen & Genki, he always thinks about how loud he can make his screeches and how hard he can bite. :( Sad indeed.
      But I am happy you flew in for the conversation…:) Thanks!

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