I Am Thankful For…

Once again it is time to pay your taxes. Oops, wrong month!

Actually, it is not tax season here in the United States but rather, a special time of the year. On the fourth Thursday in November, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

Traditionally, families and friends usually share time together; some to express prayers of gratitude followed by a thanksgiving meal that can be as simple or as elaborate as one chooses to make it.

For those without family or friends to celebrate with, or maybe experiencing tough financial times, many options are available. Many good-will organizations want to make sure no one goes without a thanksgiving meal.

For example, a local community church here recently had an early thanksgiving gathering last week that not only offered a free turkey meal with dessert, but the first 300 people received a whole frozen turkey–FREE!

How awesome is that!?!

Of course, lots of people showed up…parking became incredibly tight…The Crowded Lot
Not to mention waiting in line…but everyone had fun,  especially the church volunteers who helped cook and serve the meals.

Celebrating Thanksgiving Day prior to the over commercialized Christmas holidays is actually a good thing. I love being able to slow down a bit to spend a least one day in the company of loved ones and naturally, eating my favorite meal: roasted turkey with lots of stuffing, gravy and large scoops of cranberry sauce!

Since I usually eat and eat and eat, leaving me completely lethargic and useless, I am thinking ahead this year.

Here are my top five inventions I am so grateful for…
1. Cell phone–this is my memory part of my brain…if I leave home without it, or–don’t say it–misplace it, this could activate instant meltdown and total body failure!
2. Internet–no words needed…you and I both know this invention has revolutionized the world.
3. Light bulb–I so love my light source!
4. Refrigeration–Thanking the person who invented this neat appliance…a cool place for all the leftovers and expired bottles of whatever(s) to hang together in one spot…
5. Washer/dryer–I love doing laundry since these modern appliances make it so easy!Washing Machine

No longer a chore but crazy fun! You know it is an obsession when you actually go out and hunt down dirty laundry just to run the machines!

If you are wondering why I did not list my car, well, I figure you all know how deeply grateful I am for my wheels. Absolutely grateful.

I could go on and on because, truly, my life has been abundantly blessed, but for now, my prayers of gratitude focuses on the simply charming top five inventions.

So, what are your top five inventions you are absolutely grateful for this season?

* * *

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33 thoughts on “I Am Thankful For…

    • OH, soooo need the INDOOR PLUMBING! Yep, you got some great inventions, alright. Now, I have been debating whether to invest in an iPad…hmm, do you prefer it over a regular computer or laptop? Just wondering…
      Meds? YES! So much better than a witch doctor recommendation for a cure!! :)

  1. I’m thankful for self-defrosting freezers! And self-cleaning ovens! Of course the Internet and my computer (that’s 2)–and the phone, because I’m the talkiest!!

    • THANK goodness for Self-defrosting freezers and self-cleaning ovens because where would we find time to carry on in the blogosphere if we needed to manually clean them ourselves! Oh, just thinking about it makes my head swirl, Caddo! I am thankful you mentioned them…:)

  2. hey what a charming post ! i will say : internet, washing machine , plane, solar panels, and google translate :) have a beautiful day best regards from france

    • Life is way better with solar panels, airplanes and Google translate…I totally agree and I am very, very grateful for all of them! Thanks, from so far away, France, Sandra! :)

  3. Very grateful I am for: Central heating now in winter, the washing machine, the computer and the internet. There are so many things which make life easier and I apreciate them all. Nice post to remind ourselves about things we take for granted. Thank you Ute x

    • It is so easy to take for granted central heat/cool air, as I just did, and so glad you mentioned it. With freezing temperatures and blazing three digit degree summer weather, having body comfort temperatures is definitely something to be thankful for! I am thankful too!!

  4. Oh my …let’s see…
    1. Electricity…which provides all of my electrical appliances…(thought I’d group a lot in that!)
    2.Clean, fresh water right inside my house…For cooking, washing, laundry…see…I covered a lot in that one too!
    3. Love the internet!…
    4. Transportation …some way to get from here to there quickly…
    5. Wonderful selection of a variety of foods…EVERYWHERE you turn…That makes me happy!~mkg

  5. 1.I’ll go with electricty as well because without it, nothing else matters.
    2. Digital cameras, making it affordable for me to take oodles and oodles of pictures of whatever I want!
    3. My pc and the internet so I can create and share, even though the two men in my life (neither of which pay my bills, btw) complain about the amount of time I spend in this chair. They just don’t get it.
    4.The microwave, without which we would surely starve!
    5. I know it’s not that time of year but AC, it hasn’t been long enough ago that I have forgotten thoser 100+ days. I love the summer but I might not as much of it weren’t for AC.

  6. Besides my health, my beloved family and cat, I’m thankfull for clean water, electricity, internet, spectacles and garden with at this moment very much different kinds of birds. Happy Thanksgiving my friend :)

  7. Those inventions unfortunately I can not live without too. That was one generous church. Thanksgiving is being grateful and giving as well as creating a bond among family, friends and community. Beautiful post. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

    • The generous church does it every year…it started out small and is now up to 300 free turkey give aways!!

      Island T., I do hope you had some time off from work to be with your precious family during Thanksgiving. :)

  8. Sunshine, My list would be same for sure. And yes just like you I should be really thankful for my Car too. But I am yet to own that one. :)
    Happy thanks giving to you. Have a great time.

    • That’s the way to think it, Arindam…thank the Universe for your car…the power of intention works. Just believe and persevere…
      Thanks for the chat and
      I seriously need to visit your blog!!

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