Simply Charming - the home of a dabbler and earth nomad. You know, into this and that…here one minute and somewhere else the next. Charles Dickens describes her simply charming condition [wink-wink] perfectly…a dabbler – collecting snippets of life’s moments and ending up with “…a smattering of everything, and a knowledge of nothing.”

Blogging since the latter part of 2011, the goal is to share life through short fictional stories, poems, haiku; to enjoy reading/listening/learning from your creative works; have some fun with amateur photography and hopefully, by the end of her journey, have a basket full of precious memories, and more knowledge.

And, when not blogging, this nomad bends with yoga; reflects in meditation; practices stage acting auditions for stage roles like an obsessed fanatic; drinks dark roast coffee–extra bold please; affectionate with reading, silence, God; cherishes beauty found in nature, sunny days, horses, Winnie-the-Pooh, chocolate candy - especially with peanuts, love the ocean and embraces, with passion, two thoughts:

1. From an anonymous writer:

“If we meet and you forget me, you have lost nothing; but if you meet God and forget Him, you have lost everything.”

2. Living in gratitude changes your life – for the good!

Thank you, always –  ☼Sun

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    • Yep, one and the same…I’m the one who started out with the Phantom WordPress problem and had to ask your advice (thanks, your wise words helped!) and time conquers all as they say. Thanks for the conversation~appreciate it :)

  1. “no time for Mom, gotta go to class!” That made me burst out laughing. Mum complained that my brother used this line on her ALL the time.. even at 9pm.

    • Lots of laughs Jane…your brother sounds like a lot of college kids these days. Their signature line for everything at any time!? What the…????? Seriously, class at 9pm. Geez, college life sure has changed.
      Happy you visited :)

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog today–I’m really glad to visit you as well, because I think you’re the one Betty Hayes Alright mentioned to me some time ago. We’ll find out! I won’t linger tonight because I’m down with a horrendous cold, quite miserable–so I’ll see you again soon, y’ hear? I did want to say that I love the purple words–so so true! God bless you!

    • Oh hey Caddo Veil,
      First, sorry to hear about nasty cold~ sending you some *cyber deadly germ killer to knock them nasties out of ya. Second, thank you for your kind visit and conversation…it’s been a real treat for me.
      Now, go get some rest and lots of fluids. y’hear? :)

      • Oh, you’re so wonderful–I’m progressing, just ate some chocolate cookies (after real food, honest). Hey, the main reason I’m back is to correct the spelling of Betty’s name–I typed “Alright” (Which she definitely is!!) but her name is “Albright”…

        Hope you’re well–God bless you Big!!

    • Hi!
      Well, my body muscles say ouch and complains on a daily bases but still doing some yoga moves everyday. :) Thanks for the chat…always enjoy them!
      Happy Yoga in 2012!

    • Thank you for the honorable Versatile Blogger Award gift! I am enjoying it and looking forward to meeting all your nominees.

      ~Peace and Radiant Love to you Dadirri7!

  3. Discovering your blog and going through your post is a blessing. So much beautiful experiences and memories that brings joy and inspiration to the heart. Wishing you and your family love, peace, happiness and good health for 2012….

    • I’m very happy when I visit your place…especially your beach images and the stories you weave in and out of your photos. Just like walking down the path and you telling us the stories! :)

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  5. Hi there Sunshine! Just been visiting your lovely space here. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a simply charming comment! I appreciate it very much. Enjoy your weekend. Margie

    • My deepest apologies Kath! Gasp! I was scrolling through this post and realized I did not get back to you! Thank you for visiting and sharing and hope all is going well with you and your blog. :)

  6. oh please don’t grow up — we’ll miss that lively, charming, generous, uninhibited Sunshine, the one who is finding God in everyday things, and acting and AWESOME and giving and receiving. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I’m glad to meet you, too!

  7. Hello Sunshine! I love the quote, it reminds me of what I used to tell a friend who’s going away “you can forget me but don’t ever forget God because He will always be there for you no matter what.”…Indeed I felt blessed, thank you! God bless you too :)

  8. Sunshine,
    I recently discovered your blog. I read your about page and have been looking around. I like it. I plan to come back. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Claudia :)

  9. gee! Thank you for taking the tour to my posts! I hope you have liked them as much as I have liked yours. I appreciate your visits.
    When I started blogging I did it for myself. I never thought someone would go and leave comments or like my posts. I was wrong.
    Now I can even even express more free knowing that there would be one, or two or more that think or feel the same.

    I hope we continue in this journey of knowing more bloggers!

    • Oh, I would have visited earlier but had some computer problems and poor time management skills on my part, so yah, I finally had some time to go out and visit a few blogging neighbors. Yay!
      Once I start reading your posts, it’s like a good movie or book, you want to keep reading!
      Yes, the journey continues . . . as I quote from Jakesprinter~”abundant power to your blog” and yourself! Thanks for sharing your charming thoughts, Cedric :)

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  11. Cool project. The other day I stopped by another girl’s blog who had a similar project. Her aim was to put smile on everyone’s face. And I did smile on her blog.

    Looks like some girls are out to save the world. :D

    • Hello Sajib! I believe the kingdom of heaven starts right here with our own lives and hey, may as well make it a fun and happy place as best we can. My appreciation to you for sharing your thoughts and all the power to your blog too!

  12. An awesome blog!!! :) Love the way you string together those simple words and create such beautiful sentences…! Great work!

    • I am sending you the same thoughts to you, Island traveler . . . love your insights about family life and what is important in general! Keep it flowing and thank you my friend. :)

  13. Sunshine! I’m encountering tech difficulties, trying to comment on your Photo Challenge: Blue–so I actually scrolled thru all 91 of these here comments to get a word in edgewise! Now you know I’m a woman of my word, honest and truly, right? So I’m telling you right now–That haiku is my all time fave (as in most superb, best and beautiful) of any I’ve read, since entering Blogville last August. It is SO perfectly spectacular, and the pic is just as greatly wonderful, that I’ve busted my chops trying to get here last night and this morning to tell you. So I don’t know how much weight my praise carries with you–but I am known as the “Haiku Queen” in these parts (tongue in cheek-y, of course!). God bless you with His own sweet wonders today! much love, sis Caddo

    • Oh, I hope the tech difficulties is not from my end…you say, Caddo, you couldn’t post a comment? Hmm, that’s ?? mysterious! Please let me know what you encountered and if it’s on this end, I will try to remedy the problem. Oh, yay.
      Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m delighted you found beauty in the haiku and photo. Both items, poetry and photo taking are like a random things I like to dabble in. Thank you!!! :)
      See ya laters, Sis! :)

      • Hi Sunshine–on the “BLUE” post that I love, the problem: when I try to click on the “like”, I get kicked off (as in back to the header), so I’m not allowed to LIKE it–and in trying to write a comment, it wouldn’t clear the box, so I would have had to type over the “leave a comment” or whatever is there. I just tried it again, and it’s still not allowing me! But it seems I’m permitted to type here, okay. So that’s my story, dear heart! God bless your day–we’re almost to the weekend–yippee!!! love, sis Caddo

      • I’ve been having the same problem with the LIKE so now I just try to leave a comment and by pass the LIKE. I thought it was just due to my internet server problems but now, I’m so confused. Hmm, we need a detective…

  14. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. It’s okay if you choose not to accept the nomination, just know that I think your blog is inspiring. If you choose to accept the award, here are the guidelines: Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post ; Share 7 things about yourself ; Nominate 15 or so bloggers you admire ; Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know. Blessings, Genie (http://geniespeaks.wordpress.com/2012/05/22/one-lovely-blog-award)

    • Thanks Genie! :) I appreciate your kind words and gesture of the blog award. Even if we receive them more than once, it’s always a blessing to be appreciated. Thank you, Genie *hugs* I’ll be over in a bit to read on this…

  15. Thanks for stopping my my blog… and for your cheerfulness, which is always, all ways, an upper, particularly when I’m swamped and leaning towards grumpy from job search and computer challenges. I love the picture/color changes you do on your site! :-) I’m getting itchy for a change…going to tinker with mine soon! Well, that’s a relative term…but it’s on my list!

    • Hey Pencil Pilot! Super thanks going out to you for your kind words of encouragement and lots of luck with your job search. As for computer challenges, its a never ending battle it seems. I have found most of my problems have stemmed from over using the amount of internet capabilities from my server. Once I understood how much I was able to use online, computer problems have subsided quite a bit. Lots of luck with your computer. :)
      It’s amazing how much one can ‘play’ around with whatever theme you are using…I figure, since the weather changes, so must my look of my site. Lol!
      Thanks for the conversation and see ya! :)

    • Hello Cynthia,
      It’s great to see you and thank you so much for your encouraging words. I’m doing a quick check in here before I have to run out on another errand, but, will stop by to see on your recommendations later. I’m hoping tonight. Sheesh, life needs to slow down so us bloggers can leisurely enjoy oodles amounts of free time running through the WordPress neighborhood. Lol!
      Thank you for sharing and abundant blessings to you. :)

  16. Well, hello Sunshine ! ;) Thanks for dropping by my “neck of the woods” the other day! Love what you’re doing here, seriously – you’re another inspiration for me and I dont normally believe me! Looks like I have LOADS more to learn. Can I make a request ;) Looking out of my window this minute I would REALLY appreciate if you wouldn’t mind “sprinkling” some of your warm sunshine rays over this part of the world, pretty please ? ;)

    • Thank you for your kindness and sweet thoughts, Grateful Fairy…I hope you got some sun rays and if not, you can always imagine those beautiful sunny days. :)
      I am grateful for the gift of imagination…what would life be like without it–yikes!
      May you be blessed abundantly in His light and love…and power to your blog. ;) Yay!
      See ya!

  17. Dropping some lines, I’m back again. I have seen you wondering around my post which I appreciate very much. I have come back and forth to yours too. I thought deeply, what could I say in return to Sunshine?, and then I notice (really looked into) the photo you have here, and then new what to write. You are connecting to earh and all good there is too it; you’re lending a hand (that might be why you’re such a sunshine), you are willing to learn or, better put, to know more, you like taking chances, and have the universe on your side; and more important, you look into the eyes… That’s what I can see through your picture, and something else: you’re unconventional !! Let life always come easy to you.

    • Haha, Cedric, yea, I was stalking wondering around over at your place…uh, hope I didn’t leave
      a big mess!?! Oopsie…hey, if you ever find the thing that can make us have more time in a day so we can spend more time doing things we enjoy like
      blogging, please share!!
      Oh, and one last thing, keep sharing your photos and stories with us, it really helps make this life journey a lot lighter and definitely more enjoyable.
      Thanks for your kind words and may “life always come easy to you,” too! :)

  18. Hello! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at Faith1st Ministry. I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st. — Sebastian

    • Faith, always, Sebastion…I never leave home without it! I especially want to have it when it’s time to go, “out of this world!” LoL!!

      Thanks for diving in here and abundant blessings to you too! :)

      • Hi there! You are welcome, it is truly a blessing! May you continue to walk in “mountain moving” faith for your life and the lives of those you touch! Blessings!

  19. hello there :D Thanks for liking one of my posts! Your blog brings positive aura! I agree, If you forget God, You have lost everything <3 I hope I can get in touch to you more. God bless :D

  20. Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Reader Appreciation Award. I hope this will be welcome news for you. If you prefer not to accept the award, I certainly understand, but I hope you will visit the other nominees, and they will visit you, just the same. To see the other nominees and rules for accepting the award, please visit my post at http://wp.me/p2ekZU-Pt – All the best!

  21. Hi there! This is just to let you know that because I enjoy your posts and comments, I’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award. I hope you’ll consider this good news – but even if you aren’t interested in accepting, I hope you may see some increased traffic as a result! The acceptance rules are at: http://wp.me/p2ekZU-ZC. All the best!

    • Thank you very much, Retiring Sort, and seriously, I got to get myself caught up…this is a new award for me so I really appreciate it. :)

      Thank you again for the kind words and award…

  22. Just found your site. I was looking for a picture with a Walt Whitman quote and there you were. :-)
    I love Rumi too and had a custom plaque made of this:
    there is some kiss
    we want
    with our whole lives.
    I have added your blog to my google reader – I look forward to getting to know you.
    Happy New Year.

    • thank you for your lovely visit, Maggie. i am a novice when it comes to rumi but i love the simplicity yet depth of his writings.
      once again, thank you and abundant blessings to you and your blog. :)

    • Hey, thanks for stopping by…I enjoyed your post today & was on a work break so could not stay long. Hopefully tomorrow with a lighter schedule I will have more time to be online. :)

      Abundant peace to you!

    • many thanks…and a very beautiful Australia you have shared in your blog. your photographs are stunning and makes one wish they could jump into the page to your location!
      your soul shines bright…thank you for the blessings and may goodness flow abundantly for you. peace +love <3

  23. Right, now I know you’re the Ms Sunshine, pleased to meet you :-)
    Keep sculpting light, Ms Sunshine, and bless our heart with your Love.

    It’s a journey towards Light,
    Play the violin
    And grab your finest finest wine.
    We’ll get drunk near the moon
    And dance under the naked stars.

    Subhan Zein

    • you are not alone, Bruce…typos/grammar problems flow naturally in my world…ha ha. you have some pretty good quotes as well. thank you for sharing your love for Merton. i have to admit, i have much reading to do when it comes to Merton. one of these days i am gonna tackle down all his writings!!
      once again, thank you. ♥

  24. Good morning starshine – the earth says hello (continue singing the rest of the song from the musical “Hair”. It’s perky, charming, and sunny.)
    Just wanted to stop by and say your comments to my blog are being tagged as spam and when I review them a big warning comes up saying there’s a problem with your site/email and possibly someone trying to clone and pretend to be you…there have been multiple different emails being you. So please don’t get upset if your comments don’t get posted quickly while I try to figure it out. (now off to read posts!)

    • now what the heck does that mean?!? :( comments tagged as spam meaning they are in your spam box? hmm, i may go over to forum and ask what i should do to solve this. thanks, Phil and apologies for the hassles! thanks for letting me know.

      • Your comments are held for approval and message says the site can’t be validated (and it may be someone cloning to gain access) and email doesn’t match valid site…one did have an unknown strange email, the others looked familiar. Odd as you’ve commented before. Jus twanted to give you a heads up in case you were wondering why your comments didn’t appear

      • thank you so much, Phil. WP Support/Forum suggested i let Askimet know so i did…i think i will copy this note to give them a more detail account of what is happening. never a dull moment…but time for some ☼sunHUGS!!! :)

  25. Living in gratitude changes your life.Well said.Your posts make me to think that there are lot of things we should be grateful for.Nice post !!Looking forward to read more of your posts :)

  26. Just want to let YOU know, Sunshine, that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Your site is so versatile and vivacious! Love reading it! Congratulations!

    liebster-blog-award: Go this link to copy the award: http://amidereve.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/liebster-blog-award.jpeg

    I hope you will accept this award, Sunshine! I have found the awards so meaningful…it is an honor to receive recognition from a fellow blogger and, more importantly, it encourages one to read other blogs and introduces us to such talented creative people! I think the awards help to strengthen the Writing Community here on WordPress. Congratulations!

    • Thank you very much, Johann. I left a message on your post. 😊 I also edited your comment here to include just your post link rather than your entire post…shorter that way. ❤

  27. hey ! you are such a multi-talented artist ! Loved reading about you . It was a long but interesting post…..your blog is beautiful and so is your write ups ! see i have tried to write without capitals too :P Wish you all the very best . Would love to read more of your things…..Following !! Love xx :)

    • you’re welcome, Rommel – you always highlight great bloggers and i also love your last call feature – makes me want to order that last drink. :lol:

  28. Hello my Sunshine, who ends up with “…a smattering of everything, and a knowledge of nothing.” Thanks for taking an interest in Modes of Flight. In case I forget later, Merry Christmas!

    • hello, MOF! your friend, Rommel, pointed you out and so glad he did. fantastic photography. thanks for the warm season greetings and all the best to you too. cheers! ☺

    • Hello, Milukiriu,
      I’m not quite sure if I understand your question…but my native language is English, so i write in English. :P if you are wondering about the art of writing haiku in English, you may want to start with Carpe Diem. The host, Kristjaan offers challenges, lectures and everything one needs to know about the haiku craft. here’s the link if interested: http://chevrefeuillescarpediem.blogspot.com/
      i don’t think there is a right or wrong way…just express yourself.

      i hope that answers your question. take care.

  29. Good Morning , nice to meet You and Your blog :) Great posts, great ideas , pleasure to be here , i wish You the best,in free time see my little place too, Regards from Poland , EM

    • good evening and great to meet you, EM. you are a wonderful photographer…unique, creative. thank you, and all the best to you and your blog endeavors. okrzyki! – i looked it up!! :)

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