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After clinical introduction in, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL) became the primary choice of treatment for most urinary stones within less than

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původní práce Zhodnocení účinnosti extrakorporální litotrypse elektromagnetického generátorulithotripter machine Dornier CompactPARAMETERS Tables

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Global Lithotripters MarketShare, Trend, Challenges, Segmentation, Vendor LandscapeLithotripter is a non-invasive device that helps in breakingDornier

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 · A lithotripter () for fragmentingbeispielsweise unter der Bezeichnung "Dornier Lithotripter S" oder "Dornier Compact


A survey of compact,lithotripter—the Dornier HMin—extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsyfication of theseparameters in

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Search our Database of Scientific Publications and Authors.All patients underwent SWL with the same electromagnetic lithotripter (Dornier Lithotripot S).

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ESWL-Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripter.Extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy (ESWL) What is ESWL? Is an extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy painful?

A heuristic model of stone comminution in shock wave

Since its introduction in the earlys, the first-generation Dornier HMelectrohydraulic lithotripter has exemplified the pinnacle of efficacy in stone Published inJournal of the Acoustical Society of America ·AuthorsNathan Smith · Pei ZhongAffiliationDuke UniversityAboutStructural acoustics · Particle size · Weibull distribution · Hardness · L

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In thepatients treated with the Dornier Compact S lithotripter,The mean treatment parameters of the Dornier Compact S lithotripter for renal and ureteral


PurposeTo compare the clinical efficacy between locally applied diclofenac diethylamine gel,EMLA cream and systemically given diclofenac sodium for the pain relief

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Try the new Google Patents,for example under the designation “Dornier Lithotripter S” or “Dornier Compactirrespective of which of the two parameters


after care reports from the database of patients treated on a Dornier delta compact lithotripter with rotating treatment head. Parameters such as stone location,


Comparative Study between Three Analgesic Agents for the Pain Management during Extracorporeal Shock WaveDornier Delta Compact Lithotripterparameters

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First, treatment parameters were not standardized in our study,The Dornier Compact Delta lithotripterthe firstrenal calculi. J Endourol,()

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The fiber-optic probe hydrophone (FOPH) is the accepted standard for characterization of lithotripter shock waves, and measurements are typically conducted in water

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From the pressure form, physical parameters can be calculated,The Dornier Compact Delta lithotripterthe firstureteral calculi. J Endourol.Published inEuropean Urology ·AuthorsJens Rassweiler · Thomas Knoll · Kai Uwe Koann · James A McateerAffiliationHeilbronn University · University of Tubingen · University of Mannheim · IAboutShock wave · Urology · Technology · Risk factor · Nephrology · Risk as


FULL TEXT AbstractThis study investigated the characteristics of the secondary bubble cluster produced by an electrohydraulic lithotripter Published inUltrasound in Medicine and Biology ·AuthorsYufeng Zhou · Jun Qin · Pei ZhongAffiliationNanyang Technological University · Southern Illinois University CarbondAboutAcoustics

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MEDLINE Abstract. PrinterComparison of three analgesic regimens for pain control during shockwave lithotripsy using Dornier Delta Compact lithotriptera

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Northern Litho uses the latest lithotripter technology including the Sonolith EDAP i-move Lithotripter, STORZ MODULITH SLX-FT, STORZ MODULITH SLX-T, Dornier Compact


Dornier Compact S Lithotripter in P, Supplement. Shock wave measurements producedaccordance with the parameters defined in the FDA fIra/?


Figure. A, Spark-gap electrode positioned in a brass semi–ellipsoid reflector of an electrohydraulic lithotripter. B, Dornier HM(Kennesaw, Georgia), the first

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Read "Editorial Comment,the efficiency quotient of the Dornier Compact S in the present study was much greater than that reported in Western studies in which

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Dornier MedTech, headquartered inSemi-Integrated Lithotripter Dornier Delta® III. The World’s Bestselling Lithotripter, the Compact Delta® II, Products · About Us · Contact Us · Code of Conduct · Erectile Dysfunction


CALCULASE IIW Holmium LASERDue to its compact design,Parameters are selected via cable coding.

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The Peak Pressure at Fand the Focal Area are the traditional parametersThe distribution of pressure of a lithotripterDornier Doli S, Dornier Compact

Radiographic anatomical factors do not predict

Radiographic anatomical factors do not predict clearance of lower caliceal calculus by shock-wavelower caliceal stones using a Dornier Compact S lithotripter.

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The Peak Pressure at Fand the Focal Area are the traditional parameters used to compareStorz Modulith, Dornier Doli S, Dornier Compact DeltaLithotripter

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They provide the best optical and mechanical connection between the fiber and laser systems' proprietary parameters. "Dornier isLithotripter, Compact