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Ultracold Neutrons (UCN)lansce.lanl.gov

The LANSCE Ultracold Neutron (UCN) source is a unique facility that produces high energy spallation neutrons and uses solid deuterium to cool the neutrons by one

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Group Publications. Shovan Dutta, Erich J. Mueller, Protocol to engineer Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov states in a cold Fermi gas, arXiv.NSF

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2.watts intracavity-frequency-doubled all-solid-state light source atnm for laser cooling of lithium U. Eismann, A. Bergschneider, F. Sievers, N. Kretzschmar

Ultra-cold neutrons aid the search for dark matterEU

View all publications. PENSmart Cities Issue.at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, France, has been the only user facility for ultra-cold

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Publications. Lattice gauge theories simulations in the quantum information era.Dynamic optical lattices of sub-wavelength spacing for ultracold atoms.

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Publications . Emergent phases andRadial confinement of light in an ultracold anisotropic medium M. Vengalattore and M. Prentiss. Phys. Rev. Lett.,()

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PublicationsUniversity of Copenhagen. Hop til / Skip toIndhold / Contentwe explore the optical Feshbach resonance effect in an ultracold gas of bosonicSr.

6Li doped glass scintillators for ultra cold neutrons

Publications ActivitiesLi doped glass scintillators for ultra coldP & Bodek, K,Li doped glass scintillators for ultra cold neutrons detection

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Publications. arXiv public author identifier.() Measuring the Chern number of Hofstadter bands with ultracold bosonic atoms, M. Aidelsburger, M. Lohse,

Light Induced Gauge Fields for Ultracold Neutral AtomsNIST

Light Induced Gauge Fields for Ultracold Neutralwe have developed to engineer artificial gauge fields for ultracold neutral atoms usingPublications. A Route

Diffusion and Localization of Ultra-Cold Particles

Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Vol., Nos./4.Diffusion and Localization of Ultra-Cold Particles on Rough Substrates A. Stepaniants, D. Published inJournal of Low Temperature Physics ·AuthorsA Stepaniants · D Sarkisov · A E MeyerovichAffiliationUniversity of Rhode IslandAboutFick's laws of diffusion · Bound state · Electron · Diffusion · Helium · Int

Hung [email protected] University

Quantum Gas and Quantum Optics » PublicationsQuantum critical behavior of ultracold atoms in two-dimensional optical lattices

PublicationsUniversity of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

About our Group. We use ultracold atom gases trapped in optical lattices to study models of strongly correlated systems that are relevant to materials such as high

Ultracold Collisions and Fundamental Physics with

TitleUltracold Collisions and Fundamental Physics with StrontiumPublication TypeThesisYear of PublicationAuthorsBlatt, SAbstract

Artificial gauge field induced cyclotron dynamics of ultra

OnAi-Xia Zhang (and others) publishedArtificial gauge field induced cyclotron dynamics of ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices

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Ultracold molecules and ultracold chemistry M T Bell and T P Softley, in preparation ()Chemical applications of laserand sympathetically-cooled ions in ion

Ultracold atoms and precise time standardsGROUPS

Publications Ultracold atoms and precise time standards. Submitted by Drupal Admin on Fri,//. Title

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Ultracold quantum matter Publications Theses Ultracold quantum matter. Research Publications.Ultra-cold collisions and evaporative cooling of caesium in a

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Publications. Equation of State of Ultracold Fermions in theD BEC-BCS Crossover RegionUltracold Fermi Mixtures in an Optical Dipole Trap (Jul)

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Publications. Performance of the Los Alamos National Laboratory spallation-driven solid-deuterium ultra-cold neutron source A. Saunders, et al.

"Density and Temperature Scaling of Disorder-Induced

We report measurements and simulations of disorder-induced heating in ultracold neutral plasmas.All Faculty Publications.. https

Ultra-cold Temperature Physics Opens Way To

Ultra-cold Temperature Physics Opens Way To Understanding And Applications DateMa SourcePenn State SummaryResearchers doing ultra-cold

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B.A. van Tiggelen and D. Wilkowski, Photon Hall Scattering from Alkaline-earth-like atoms and Alkali-like ions (). arXiv. Eng Aik Chan, Syed Abdullah Aljunid

UC Berkeley Ultracold Atomic Physics

UC Berkeley Ultracold Atomic Physics. HomePublications. PapersOur research focuses on using ultracold atoms as a resource for studying aspects of condensed

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Publications Papers ThesesA. Vishwanath, and D.M. Stamper-Kurn, Ultracold atoms in a tunable optical kagome lattice, Physical Review Letters,

Ultracold photoassociation spectroscopyLong-range

Home Research Publications. Ultracold photoassociation spectroscopyLong-range molecules andUltracold photoassociation spectroscopyLong-range molecules and

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PublicationsMathey, E. Altman, and A. Vishwanath. Noise correlations in one-dimensional systems of ultracold fermions. Phys. Rev. Lett.

Strategic Applications of Ultra-Cold Atoms

Accession NumberADA. TitleStrategic Applications of Ultra-Cold Atoms. Descriptive NoteFinal rept.. Corporate AuthorSTANFORD AuthorsMara Prentiss · Vuletic Mark · Vladan Kasevich · Wolfgang Ketterle · P AffiliationHarvard University · Massachusetts Institute of Technology · University AboutLaser · Optics · Waveguide · Magnetometer · Interferometry · Bose–Ein